AML Strategic Plan


1. A Vibrant Academic Experience

Provide inspiring space and comprehensive information services that support student success and well-being.

Action Plan

  • Position the Library as the premier student and faculty service organization on campus.
  • Collaborate with BUMC IT and others to support new and existing learning technologies.
  • Establish assessment programs that will enable us to incorporate user input in decision-making, and continuously evaluate and adapt resources and services to meet the needs of users.
  • Provide targeted support for historically underrepresented students, such as first generation and BIPOC students.
  • Provide library programming and outreach.
    • Expand programs for student wellness and well-being.
    • Provide programs for students to develop lifelong learning skills in the areas of information seeking and critical appraisal.
2. Research That Matters

Establish the Library as an important partner in the scholarly communication ecosystem at BU medical campus.

Action Plan

  • Explore how the library can support the FAIR (Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, and Reuse) principles of research data.
  • Enhance library services to assist researchers during key phases of the research and dissemination, including discovery, publication, and evaluation of impact.
  • Improve discovery and access to collections that meet the needs and the expectations of BU medical campus researchers.
  • Assess collections and collections budget for cost-effective management of resources based on Campus needs.
  • Evaluate archival collections and storage for industry standards of sustainability, discoverability and accessibility.
  • Identify potential partnerships with research units and researchers across BU campuses.
  • Develop internal workflows to better use the full capabilities of the integrated library system and discovery tools.
    • Ensure our collections are discoverable and improve our internal record keeping and inventory.
3. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility

Engage with social justice and DEI conversations across Boston University to support and maintain diversity in the BU community.

Action Plan

  • Create Library DEIA committee to develop a DEIA statement and to ensure that the library fulfills its commitment to ongoing diversity initiatives.
  • Review and improve accessibility to library space, library resources and the library website.
  • Assess current recruitment and retention processes and make recommendations to improve DEIA and reduce unconscious bias.
  • Support open science and open educational resources to deliver more resources to users, combat mis-/disinformation and promote social justice.
  • Expand library resources and programming to support inclusive education and research initiatives.
  • Support professional development and maintain the organizational culture that is positive, supportive, and stimulating.
4. Community Big, Yet Small

Partner with other BU libraries and the local community to serve the educational and research needs of BU medical campus community.

Action Plan

  • Strengthen our outreach efforts and identify potential internal and external partnerships.
  • Increase library visibility in social media and other campus communication networks.
  • Contribute to profession of academic health sciences librarianship, through professional service and publications.
  • Pursue internal and external funding opportunities to support library initiatives and professional development.
5. Global Engagement

Deliver library services to support global health.

Action Plan

  • Support researchers engaged in international research and in global health.
  • Assess collections and services to combat global issues, such as climate change and mis-/disinformation.
  • Support BUMC global partnerships, including within Lesotho.
  • Support the academic success of BU international students both in-person and through online programs.


Adapted fromĀ Boston University Strategic Plan

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