Print GSDM Theses

Search Strategy for Print GSDM Theses

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This page is a reference tool for locating print GSDM theses in the BU Library Catalog. Theses were submitted in print through 2015. From 2016 on, GMS theses have been submitted electronically.

At this time, electronic theses are NOT easily searchable within the BU Library catalog, but can be located in the ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Database. Please see the Search Strategy for Electronic GSDM Theses page for tips on locating recent theses.

Please use this link for a search run following the instructions below (scroll down for titles, or enter keywords to narrow results), or view the steps listed to search print theses (up to 2015) completed by GSDM graduates.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact the Library by email at or by calling (617) 358-4810. You can also stop by the Reference Desk between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.


Step 1: Getting to the Catalog

Go to the Medical Library homepage. Click on the Library Catalogs tab at the top of the page. This tab will direct you to the Quick Search page of Boston University’s Library Catalog.

Step 2: Locating GSDM Theses

Enter the following text:

(thesis OR dissertation) goldman school ((graduate dentistry) OR (dental medicine))

You will retrieve over 2,000 citations for past GSDM theses. The citations will be listed in roughly chronological order, with more recent documents first, but this is not completely reliable. To find theses from specific years, click “Publication Date” in the right hand column labeled “Filter My Results.” You can adjust the earliest and latest dates you wish to search.

date sort

Step 3: Searching for a GSDM thesis on a specific topic

GSDM theses are indexed with subject terms, so if you scroll down the page and click on “Subject” in the right hand column you will see a list of all subjects applied to theses. Do not simply click a term (this will run a new search for anything in the catalog with that subject): instead, hover over a term to see a check box next to it.

Check the box next to a term or terms of interest, then click the green Apply Filters button that will appear to see those theses with the relevant subject(s).

You can also try a keyword search for terms in the title: scroll back up to the Search bar and WITHOUT removing anything from the existing text, add a term of interest. For example:

pulp (thesis OR dissertation) goldman school ((graduate dentistry) OR (dental medicine))

Click ‘search’ again to update the results.