Medical Campus Study Space Finder

A new application to help students on the Medical Campus find study space is now available.

This mobile-friendly website displays rooms that are available for study in real time.

Students may look for rooms in a specific building, date, time and room type (group study or individual). Students can control what they want to view, add rooms as favorites, set favorite rooms as the default home page and see detailed room attributes, such as AV & IT capabilities, seating arrangement, lighting and more. No login is required to access the site, but it cannot be used to reserve rooms.

The website categorizes rooms for “individual (quiet) study” or for “group study.” Larger rooms (with a maximum occupancy greater than 20) are classified as “individual,” and are for parallel quiet study for individuals up to the capacity of the room. Smaller rooms (maximum occupancy up to 20) are classified as “group study.” These are for interactive discussion groups of three or more students. While “group study” rooms can be used by individuals, preference must be given to groups if they need to use the space.

The “About” page within the application provides more information.

If you have any issues, suggestions or questions, please use the “Contact” page within the system.