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It is well known that one of the greatest factors determining health outcomes in the US is socioeconomic status. All families should have the resources and money needed to raise healthy children. Through StreetCred (, patients and community members have access to evidence-based government programs that are shown to reduce poverty and improve life trajectories for vulnerable youth.


Our mission is to educate BUSM students about tax preparation and government programs aimed at reducing financial distress. Students will have the opportunity to provide free, reliable tax preparation to patients and improve their financial literacy. Through this work, students can see the ability of these services to alleviate the devastating impacts of systemic poverty on health.


  1. To train students in tax return preparation
  2. To educate students about financial topics important to our patients
  3. To file free tax returns for taxpayers
  4. To support StreetCred in its mission to grow and expand as an organization
  5. To understand the impact of poverty on health, particularly in pediatric patients