Academic Enhancement

The Academic Enhancement Office (AEO) supports the academic and personal success of all medical students. Recognizing that individual students have different needs in order to be successful in medical school, various programs and services are available to all current medical students. Programs are designed to help students adjust to the rigors of medical school and strive to learn balance, with more effective study habits that promote and sustain lifelong learning. Through small group sessions and individual meetings, we work with students to leverage the necessary skills to balance academic and personal growth.

Curran-2Paige Curran, M.A.
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
Director, Academic Enhancement Office
Assistant Professor of Medical Sciences and Education


Program Highlights

Peer Tutoring: the AEO offers peer tutoring free of charge to all first- and second-year medical school students enrolled in the medical school curriculum. Course and clerkship directors hire knowledgeable students, who have excelled in the curriculum and completed the Tutor Program training, to serve as tutors for each course and clerkship.

Strategies for Success: a series of small group workshops throughout the academic year, these sessions discuss strategic learning methods, efficient approaches to learning in medical school, and strategies for dealing with test and performance anxiety, procrastination, and other barriers to learning.

Board Review Program: in order to help students prepare for the Step 1 and 2 exams, the AEO organizes student panels, academic conferences, planning sessions, faculty review sessions, intensive study schedules, and the Comprehensive Basic Science Self-Assessment (CBSSA).

Accommodations: the AEO supports students in requesting and accessing reasonable accommodations for disabilities.