Student Evaluation & Promotions Committee

The Student Evaluation & Promotions Committee (SEPC) meets monthly to consider student petitions for exceptions to policy and procedure, to review academic performance/professional comportment as requested by the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, or for any other purpose as determined by the SEPC Chair.

SEPC meetings are generally on the first Thursday of every month. Petitions are due on the Monday prior to a meeting, or Tuesday, if the Monday is a holiday.

Students who plan to submit a petition, or who have been informed that they are on the agenda, must complete the following steps ahead of the meeting:

  1. You must meet with a Student Affairs Dean to review your plans and your petition, or to discuss why you are meeting with the SEPC. You may request to review materials considered by the SEPC.
  2. You must meet with the Registrar regarding any change of registration status, and you must submit an SEPC petition.
  3. You are responsible for informing the Registrar prior to the start of a semester that you will be on Leave for that semester, to avoid being charged tuition and fees for that semester.  For more information, please go to:
  4. If you have loans or scholarships and you plan to change your registration status, you must meet with Student Financial Services, to review how any change in registration status may affect your loans and scholarships.
  5. You may be eligible to request consideration of tuition reimbursement:  Request Tuition Reimbursement