Giving societies


More often than not, progress in medical research comes one small step at a time, with each team of researchers standing on the shoulders of those who have gone before them. For this reason, substantial and continuing investment in our research programs is critically important. We are indebted to our donors who make major gifts in support of our work—and we are equally indebted to those who support us on a continuing basis.

—Dean Karen H. Antman

Our most dedicated donors

The School of Medicine is proud to acknowledge the generosity of its most dedicated donors by extending them membership in a BUSM giving society. Each society honors a particular kind of donor and offers unique benefits to members. Societies include:

The Chester S. Keefer, MD Society

The Chester S. Keefer, MD Society was established to recognize the commitment, generosity, and support of alumni, parents, and friends of the School of Medicine whose philanthropic vision leads them to offer exceptional support to the School. The society honors those donors whose lifetime contributions to BUSM have reached $50,000 or more. Members are presented with a Keefer Society plaque, listed in the School’s yearly donor report, and celebrated at an annual dinner at Boston’s Four Seasons Hotel.

The Society was named in memory of Dr. Chester S. Keefer, whose foresight and determination in his roles as chair of the Department of Medicine, dean of Boston University School of Medicine, and director of the Medical Center helped lay the foundation for the Boston University Medical Campus.

Annual Fund Special Gift Clubs

The Special Gift Clubs recognize those who have made a leadership commitment to the Annual Fund during the current Annual Fund year. Members of the Dean’s Club societies are also celebrated at the School’s annual Dean’s Club dinner. The giving levels that qualify donors for membership in the Special Gift Clubs levels are:

  • Dean’s Executive Club ($25,000 or more)
  • Dean’s Inner Circle ($10,000 to $24,999)
  • Dean’s Council ($3,500 to $9,999)
  • Dean’s Club membership ($1,500 to $3,499)
  • Anniversary Club ($700 to $1,499)
  • Century Club Patron ($400 to $699)
  • Century Club membership ($250 to $399)
  • Young Physicians’ Club, for graduates within the last five years ($50 to $249)

The Claflin Society

The Claflin Society, founded by Elsbeth Melville (CAS’25), dean of women emerita, honors all alumni and friends of the University who have provided for Boston University in their estate plans, or who have established life income gifts with the University.

Since the founding of the Claflin Society in 1985, dozens of alumni and friends have joined the society each year.  In 2009, the Society’s membership comprised more than 600 generous individuals.

Qualifying gift commitments include:

  • A bequest in a will or living trust
  • Designating Boston University the beneficiary of a retirement plan or life insurance policy
  • A charitable remainder trust
  • A charitable lead trust
  • A charitable gift annuity
  • A remainder interest gift of a home or farm

Claflin Society members can enjoy special benefits, including:

  • Certificate of appreciation signed by President Robert A. Brown
  • Annual spring luncheon on campus
  • Invitation to Sloane House for an afternoon with BU First Lady Dr. Beverly A. Brown
  • Invitation to select regional alumni events