Cellular Imaging Core

The Cellular Imaging Core (CIC) is an optical microscopy core facility with a range of digital imaging microscopy systems for studying cells and tissues.  CIC offers a range of wide-field and confocal microscope imaging systems.  In addition to equipment, we also offer help in choosing the appropriate fluorescent indicators and constructs, as well as assistance in image processing and analysis.

Please use the Cores Equipment Scheduler (CES) to schedule equipment time or services. For new users click here.

Internal Rates

Effective Rates: Internal

External Rates



(Principal Investigators within Boston University) PIs within DOM DOM Subsidy PIs outside of DOM DOM Subsidy
Olympus DSU Wide-field and Spinning Disk Confocal Assisted $80 per hour $48 $32 $72 $8 $142 per hour
Unassisted $30 $18 $12 $27 $3 $53 per hour
Leica SP5 Confocal Microscope Assisted $85 per hour $51 $34 $77 $9 $151 per hour
Unassisted $35 $21 $14 $32 $4 $62 per hour
Nikon Deconvolution Wide-Field Epifluorescence System Assisted $70 per hour $42 $28 $63 $7 $125 per hour
Unassisted $20 per hour $12 $8 $18 $2 $36 per hour
Zeiss LSM 710-Live Duo Confocal with 2-Photon Capability Assisted $100 per hour $60 $40 $90 $10 $178 per hour
Unassisted $50 per hour $30 $20 $45 $5 $89 per hour
Olympus Stereo Fluorescence Imaging Microscope Assisted $70 per hour $42 $28 $63 $7 $125 per hour
Unassisted $20 per hour $12 $8 $18 $2 $36 per hour
Nikon IHC Microscope Assisted $70 per hour $42 $28 $63 $7 $125 per hour
Unassisted $20 per hour $12 $8 $18 $2 $36 per hour
Nexcelom Celigo, Image-based Microplate Reader $20 per hour $12 $8 $18 $2 $36 per hour
Data Analysis $50 per  hour $30 $20 $45 $5 $89 per hour

Data Analysis and Storage

The Core also offers state of the art image processing and analysis capabilities including 5 custom built workstations housed in the core space and a 300 Terabyte Isilon high-availability server. The Core also maintains several copies of Molecular Devices Meta Imaging Series software, Nikon NIS Elements, Zeiss Zen, and Leica AF for offline use as well as offering assistance with using NIH ImageJ.  Use of the image analysis facility and software is provided free of charge.


  • The Core is open 24 hr/day, 7 days/wk for trained users working independently. Training is available weekdays from 11:30 am to 8 pm by appointment (several days advanced notice is requested).
  • Each lab can book a maximum of 10 hours of day time use or 15 hours of total use per week on each instrument.
  • This rule does not apply for “Next Day” reservation (booking of time for the coming day).
  • Therefore, frequent users are welcome to fill in the open gaps but they can book these hours only 1 day before the use.


We would greatly appreciate it if authors would acknowledge the Cellular Imaging Core in their publications containing data obtained with the equipment and/or assistance of Core personnel.

Letters of Support

We are glad to provide letters of support for grants. Please email Michael T. Kirber, PhD. If you give us ample time we would be glad to review sections related to your imaging experiments.


Michael T. Kirber, PhD
Core Director
(617) 638-7153 │mkirber@bu.edu.


Evans Biomedical Research Center (EBRC)
650 Albany Street, Basement B15
Boston, MA 02118

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