Zeiss LSM 710-Live Duo Scan

Function of Instrument

This system is an advanced confocal microscope with a variety of capabilities well suited for live-cell as well as fixed specimen imaging.


This system makes use of patterned illumination and a unique linear CCD detector to obtain very high-speed (over100 frames per second at 512×512 resolution) confocal images. It also has an advanced point-scan confocal capability for visible and 2-photon excitation.  The point scan system allows the user to select 3 customizable portions of the emission spectrum and steer each to a separate photomultiplier tube.  This instrument can be used for unique experimental challenges such as simultaneous uncaging and high-speed live-cell imaging.

Training, Usage and Maintenance

  • This instrument will require significant training to understand and use properly.
  • It is actually the combination of 2 instruments one which is high-speed and uses patterned illumination and the other which is slower and uses scanned point illumination.
  • People who are not regular users will require an operator assistance.
  • The slower point scan system also has 2-photon excitation capability.
  • The use of this instrument will require annual laser safety training.
  • It will be covered by a service contract, but will require some routine cleaning and alignment.

Rules for Booking

  • Each lab can book a maximum of 10 hours of day time use or 15 hours of total use per week on each instrument.
  • This rule does not apply for “Next Day” reservation (booking of time for the coming day).
  • Therefore, frequent users are welcome to fill in the open gaps but they can book these hours only 1 day before the use.

How to Schedule

Please login to iLab system to schedule equipment time or services. For new users please follow the steps outlined in Information for New Users.

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Acknowledgments: We would greatly appreciate it if authors would acknowledge the Cellular Imaging Core in their publications containing data obtained with the equipment and/or assistance of Core personnel.

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