Information for Affiliated Faculty and Clinical Sites

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
– Benjamin Franklin

At Boston University School of Medicine, we develop high-quality learning experiences for our students by partnering with top hospitals and health centers to identify clinicians with an interest in and commitment to medical education. Our affiliate faculty recognize the importance of training the next generation of health care professionals. Many credit the clinical training they received as students for enriching their skills, enhancing their knowledge, and shaping their future as medical professionals.

Opportunities for clinical teaching exist in our first and second year shadowing courses, our core third year clerkships (Medicine, Surgery, Family Medicine, Pediatrics, OB/GYN, Psychiatry, and Neurology) and selectives, and in our fourth year electives.


“When the students tell me they are MS3 and soon to complete their medical education, I remind them that I’m PGY-25and still learning every day; not just for myself and my patients but for them as their teacher.”  – Dr. Joseph Espat, Chief of Surgery, Roger Williams Medical Center and Assistant Dean of Clinical Affairs, BUSM



 “Having medical students on our team bringsout the best in all of us; the best in the caregivers, the best in the providers, the best in the students, and the best patient  experience!” – Dr. Brigid McCue, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Beth Israel Deaconess,  Plymouth



151001_BUmedstudents_140820“Having the students on our service enhances the quality of our patient care in so many  ways. When you have someone bright questioning your every move, you have to be on your toes.” – Dr. Louai Bilal, Chief and Clinical Director, Kaiser Permanente Behavioral Health Center

Appointment Process for Those at Outside (non-BMC) Affiliated Clinical Teaching Sites

Clinicians involved in substantial, ongoing teaching (40-50 hours per year minimum) of BUSM students will be considered for academic appointment at Boston University School of Medicine. To be considered for an affiliate (non-compensated) faculty appointment, candidates from affiliated institutions must submit the following:

  • A current CV in Word format, updated within the past three months and including all dates for education and training.
  • A one-page Personal Statement in first person narrative addressing:
    1. Teaching
    2. Research
    3. Scholarship
    4. Service

For more information about applying for a non-compensated affiliated faculty appointment, please email

Adjunct Faculty Appointments for Harvard, Tufts, UMass, or Stanford Medical School Faculty:

Harvard,  Tufts, UMass, or Stanford Medical School Faculty who teach BUSM students in approved courses and clerkships will be approved for Adjunct BUSM faculty appointments at the same rank as their current primary appointment, based on a departmental vote and a letter of request from the BUSM Department Chair stating name and current primary faculty rank, a copy of their CV in their primary faculty format, and approval by the BUSM Faculty Appointments & Promotions Committee, BUSM Executive Committee, the BUSM Dean, and the Medical Campus Provost.

Benefits of Clinical Teaching

Alumni Medical Library

Upon appointment, all affiliate faculty are granted access to our Alumni Medical Library, which serves Boston University School of Medicine faculty, staff, and students. Services provided by the staff of the Alumni Medical Library include research consultations, reference, inter-library loan and computer support. The library’s physical and electronic collections include more than 20,000 print books, 8,500 electronic books, 7,400 electronic journals and 330 databases. For more information visit

Professional Development

All BUSM affiliate faculty are offered professional development opportunities. Specific disciplines host conferences, workshops, grand rounds, and other programs that our affiliate faculty are invited to attend. We have a professional development session on optimizing teaching in a clinical setting that can be presented at department meetings or by request at your institution. Affiliate faculty are welcome to attend our annual “McCahan Education Day,” which focuses on professional development around teaching. Affiliate faculty are also eligible for the same discounts and waivers on CME courses that are offered to our full-time faculty.

More information about faculty development resources offered through the Department of Medicine may be found at

Academic Titles and Descriptions
SCL-SJO BostMedPatch 7-14-2014

Practitioners who contribute substantial, ongoing teaching (40-50 hours per year) to BUSM students at clinical sites are eligible for faculty appointments in the department of their discipline at BUSM. Faculty whose primary activity is clinical or public health practice and associated teaching are typically designated as:

  • Instructor
  • Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Clinical Associate Professor
  • Clinical Professor
Titles and Basic Requirements

Instructor is the entry level rank for those who have recently completed their post doctoral training, residency or fellowship training. This rank is appropriate for new faculty, generally with MD, PhD or equivalent degrees, who have the potential for academic advancement. Individuals at the instructor level may be in positions of advanced training prior to leaving the institution or moving to the assistant professor rank. Instructors should focus on their career direction, develop independence in a specific area, and concentrate on scholarly productivity.

Assistant Professor rank generally requires completion of all formal training with evidence of prior scholarly activity, clear definition of career goals, and expectation of future academic career advancement. During this important career-defining phase, faculty should pay particular attention to developing areas of scholarly excellence and individual identity.

Associate Professor rank generally requires at least 3-6 years as an assistant professor, scholarly achievements, and recognition of these achievements at regional and national levels. Creation of new programs and development of an area or areas of individual identity are also important as is mentoring and training others.

Professor rank generally requires at least 5 years as an associate professor and a distinguished record of scholarship and professional accomplishment recognized at regional, national, and international levels and continued mentoring and training of others. Recognition as an authority in one’s specific area(s) of interest is essential.

Titles Modified by Prefix

The prefixes Clinical or Adjunct Clinical are used for appointments of persons employed in a clinical setting where students receive clinical instruction. These appointments are usually without salary. The criteria for adjunct clinical faculty are the same as for regular faculty appointments of comparable rank.