Weather Policy


Classes at the School of Medicine will not be cancelled unless weather or emergency conditions are severe enough to warrant cancellation based upon information that is available through relevant city, state, and federal government authorities and that of the Medical Campus. Media announcements regarding the closing of Boston University typically refer to the Charles River Campus and DO NOT refer to the School of Medicine unless the announcement specifically reports that the Boston University Medical Campus has closed. Medical students may call the BUMC weather/emergency hotline at 617-638-6886 for information on cancellations related to the School of Medicine and Boston Medical Center. Additionally, students may access information on the following website for weather/emergency information including cancellations related to weather: Exceptions to this Policy include:

1) Students who are assigned to inpatient services are expected to be present in all weather.
2) Students who are assigned to outpatient services may or may not be required to be present depending upon
the policy at the clinical site.
3) The Geriatrics Section publishes its own student notification system.