BUSM CALM (Cuddling Assists in Lowering Medication Treatment for NOWS)

Advisor: Dr. Elisha Wachman, Elisha.wachman@bmc.org

Student Leadership:

BUSM CALM strives to lower parental and infant stress through non-pharmacologic care for  newborns with neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) secondary to in-utero opioid exposure.

The program provides future clinicians with formative experiences in providing compassionate postpartum and neonatal support for vulnerable populations in both inpatient and nursery settings that will influence student understanding of non-pharmacological interventions and sensitive issues.


1. Gain formative clinical experiences by providing compassionate and supportive care to a vulnerable patient population

2. Gain an understanding of and appreciation for the value and medical benefits of non-pharmacological care for infants with NAS and their families

3. Establish working knowledge and gain confidence in working with sensitive topics including opioid use disorders, neonatal abstinence syndrome, addiction during pregnancy, and trauma-informed care

4. Develop improved communication skills and appropriate language use

5. Provide insight into the daily care needs of infants with NAS and associated stress for postpartum parents