Student Policy and Reference Manual

Academic Policies and Information

Appropriate Treatment in Medicine (ATM) Policy
Class Cancellation/Weather and Emergency Closing Policy
Criminal Record Information Policy
Disciplinary Code of Academic & Professional Conduct for Medical Students
Exam Policy for Medical Students
Externship and Clinically-Related Extracurricular Policy
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
Jury Duty
Latin Honors
Sexual Harassment Policy
Student Evaluation and Promotions Policy and Procedures
Time Off Policy for Clinical Medical Students
Tutor Program for Medical Students: Guidelines and Procedures
Work Hours for Clinical Medical Students

Health Policies and Information

Alcohol Policy for Boston University School of Medicine
Boston University Policy on Illegal Drugs and Alcohol
Health Care for Medical Students Policy, updated April 2013
Needlestick Procedure for Exposure to Potentially Contaminated or  Infectious Material updated 2014
Office of Environmental Health and Safety
Patient Privacy Policy-BMC
Scrubs Policy
Sensitive Health Policy
Smoking Policy-Boston University School of Medicine
Smoking Policy-Boston Medical Center

Information Technology Policies and Information

Boston University Conditions of Use and Policy on Computing Ethics
Boston University Information Security Policy
Boston Medical Center Website & Security Policy
News Media Contact Policy-Boston University School of Medicine
News Media Contact Policy-Boston Medical Center
Social Media Guidelines