Field Specific Advisors – Surgery

**Please be advised that this list is NOT all-inclusive. If you do not see a physician you are interested in, please speak with Jennifer Mompoint**

Physician’s Name Specialty Email Address
Mohammad Eslami, M.D. Surgery/Radiology
Donald Hess, M.D. Surgery/Minimal Invasive Surgery
Alik Farber, M.D. Surgery/Vascular Surgery
Virginia Litle, M.D. Surgery/Thoracic Surgery
Erica Brotschi, M.D. Surgery
David McAneny, M.D. Surgery/Endocrine, GI, Pancreas & Hepatobiliary/Surgical Oncology
Tracey Dechert, M.D. Surgery/Trauma Critical Care
Matthew Nuhn, M.D.,FACS Surgery/Transplantation