Community Health Project (CHP)

Advisor: Dr. Peter Shaw


The Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) Community Health Project (CHP) will serve to network students interested in volunteering their time and services to CHCs and the populations they serve, as well as raise medical student awareness of the care delivered in the CHC setting. The CHP hopes to foster a rich service learning experience through outreach services, in the hope that both students and the CHCs will benefit from this interaction. Students will utilize skills learned in the medical school curriculum to assist the underserved, while also honing their understanding of primary/community care and the role that it plays in improving health outcomes throughout the Boston area. CHCs would benefit from motivated volunteers helping to start new projects or augmenting existing programs. In pursuit of this goal, the CHP will seek to form relationships with as many CHCs in the Boston area as possible, so as to unite students interested in service learning with clinics interested in receiving student volunteers.