Boston University Down Syndrome

The BUDS (Boston University Down Syndrome) Program is a service learning elective that pairs medical students with teens or young adults with Down Syndrome. The pairs meet each month to participate in various social activities, such as attending sporting events, visiting museums, going to the movies, or sharing a meal together. This program allows medical students to learn about a developmental disability directly from individuals with Down Syndrome as well as their families. The program is designed to create a better understanding of Down Syndrome and prepare future clinicians to provide compassionate care to individuals with developmental disabilities.

The goals of the BUDS Program are:

• Allow individuals with Down Syndrome and their family members to share their knowledge and experiences with future physicians.

• Provide individuals with Down Syndrome the opportunity to participate in their community with a nonfamily member.

• Provide insight into the daily lives of individuals with Down Syndrome as well as the daily lives of their family members.

• Improve student communication skills with individuals who have developmental disabilities as well their family members.

• Prepare students, as future clinicians, to provide compassionate care to individuals with Down Syndrome and informed guidance to expectant mothers looking for counsel regarding prenatal testing.

Questions? Contact: Charles Mackin or Nadia Liyanage-Don