Field Specific Advisors – Medicine

**Please be advised that this list is NOT all-inclusive. If you do not see a physician you are interested in, please speak with Jennifer Mompoint**

Physician’s Name Specialty Email
Daniel Alford, M.D. Medicine/Primary Care, Addiction and Pain Medicine
Sonia Ananthakrishnan, M.D. Medicine/Endocrinology
Eric Awtry, M.D. Medicine/Cardiology
Thomas Barber, M.D. Medicine
Laurence Beck, M.D. Nephrology
Sheilah Bernard, M.D. Medicine/Cardiology
Steven Borkan, M.D. Medicine/Nephrology
Daniel Chen, M.D. Medicine
David Coleman, M.D. Medicine/Infectious Diseases
Wilson Colucci, M.D. Medicine/Cardiology
Melissa DiPetrillo, M.D. Medicine
Omar  Eton, M.D. Hematology/Oncology
Francis Farraye, M.D. Medicine/Gastroenterology
Gretchen Gignac, M.D. Hematology/Oncology
Eric Hardt, M.D. Medicine/Geriatrics & Palliative Care
Warren Hershman, M.D. Medicine
Robin Ingalls, M.D. Medicine/Infectious Diseases
Brian Jacobson, M.D. Medicine/Gastroenterology
Adam  Lerner, M.D. Hematology & Oncology
Sharon Levine, M.D. Medicine/Geriatrics
David Lichtenstein, M.D. Medicine/Gastroenterology
Jane Liebschutz, M.D. General Internal Medicine, Preventive Medicine
Robert Lowe, M.D. Medicine/Gastroenterology
James Meisel, M.D. Medicine
Kevin Monahan, M.D. Medicine/Cardiology
Christine Phillips, M.D. Medicine
Joshua Safer, M.D. Medicine/Endocrinology
Jeffrey Samet, M.D. Medicine/Clinical Research (Substance Abuse/HIV)
Suzanne Sarfaty, M.D. Medicine/International Health
Robert Simms, M.D. Medicine/Rheumatology
Alexander Walley, M.D. Addiction Medicine and HIV
Lee Wetzler, M.D. Medicine/Infectious Diseases
Robert Witzburg, M.D. Medicine
Megan Young, M.D. Geriatrics
Ken Zaner, M.D. Medicine/Thoracic Oncology