BUSM Graduates

This page is for the Graduates of Boston University School of Medicine.

Congratulations Doctors!

Dean’s Letters (aka MSPE) may be required for students applying for Fellowships or for those re-entering the Match. Letters of Explanation may be required for state licensure boards.

Allow 2 to 3 weeks for turnaround time for all Dean’s Letter & Letter of Explanation requests.

  • Request Dean’s Letter or Letter of Explanation
    • if you are requesting multiple copies of your letter to be sent to program directors, please mail pre-printed address labels along with your request, as this makes the process more efficient.
    • if applying for fellowship through ERAS – MIDUS, write “upload to MIDUS” under “Program Name” then submit the form to OSA (via fax or email) and provide MIDUS with email address – jmompoin@bu.edu
    • we do NOT accept virtual signature
  • Request Transcript (from Registrar’s Office)