2024 VIM Travel Awards

We are pleased to announce the 2024 Virology, Immunology & Microbiology Travel Award recipients. There is one 1st place and two 2nd place awards and here are the winner’s information:

1st place: Joelle Johnson (graduate student – Connor lab) will be attending the American Society for Virology Annual Meeting in Columbus, OH from June 24-28, 2024.

2nd place: Devin Kenney (graduate student – Douam lab) will be attending the Sex Differences in the Immune System meeting in Dublin, Ireland from June 12-14, 2024.

2nd place: Yewoo Lee (graduate student – Traber lab) who attended the Gordon Conference meeting “Biology of Acute Respiratory Infection” in Galveston, TX from February 25 – March 1, 2024.

Congratulations to Joelle, Devin and Yewoo!