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16 Jude Ierardi Amazon Rain Forest Basin

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The Sun Competition

01 Michael Fishman
Sunset  Ein Gedi, Judean Desert, Israel
Five years ago, we made our first pilgrimage to Israel as a family. The kids were enamored with the different sounds, smells, and sights, especially the sands of the Judean Desert. Exploring along the western shore of the Dead Sea, we visited Ein Gedi, the spring of the goats, a desert oasis where David hid from King Saul over 3,000 years ago. Filled with waterfalls, pools, streams, flora and fauna, Ein Gedi is a delight for hikers, not to mention our kids who were ecstatic to frolic from pool to pool soaking in their hiking clothes. As we descended to the end of our hike, I noticed the sun setting (or was it rising?) behind the mountains we climbed. It was a transcendent moment in time, a glimpse of nature’s perfection, yearning, and peace.


02 Kevin Chang
A Whale’s Tail in Maui


03 Donna Veronelli


04 Kristin Knehans
My first sunset in Hawaii


05 Matt Molloy


06 Kelsey Burr
Sunset in Parris Island, SC


07 Kitt Shaffer
Sunlight on Buzzards Bay


08 Anna Patrusheva
“Here Comes the Sun”


09 Mohamad Abdalkader
Sunset and Full Moon Above the Clouds, North Lebanon
The photo was shot in my home village in the North of  Lebanon (1200 meters above sea level) when I was visiting my grandfather before moving to the USA in June 2016


10 Linda Parker
“Orlando is more than just Mickey Mouse and Disney World!” This photo brought back wonderful memories of a trip to Disney with my parents in 1983!  My parents were retired at the time and it ended up being the last big trip we were all able to take due to my Dads failing health. They were like kids in a candy store and had more fun than we could have imagined. As they got older, we pulled out the many photographs I had taken and it always brought a smile!


11 Avneesh Gupta
The sunrise from Haleakala in Maui, at 10,000 feet elevation. It was above the cloud line, and it felt like we were on another planet. Definitely worth waking up at 2:30 am to make the 2 hour journey.


12 Minh Nguyen
The Night Marches Forth and the Retreating Sun. Rạch Giá City, Kiên Giang Province, Vietnam, 2017.


13 Anthony (PeeWee) Talieri
Sunset in Aruba


14 Josh Weinstein
“Sunrise Over the Sand Dunes of Sossusvlei, Namibia”


15 Priscilla Slanetz Sunset over Petra.


16 Jude Ierardi Amazon Rain Forest Basin


17 Artem Kaliaev Honeymoon, Honolulu Sunset


18 Mary Stone
Lone Bird on the Sea at Sunset


19 Duong Ngan
A Warm Day in November


20 Breyen Coffin
Saguaro Sunset


21 Maura Hurley
The Great American Pastime during Covid: Sunset over Summer Ball


22 Mariza Clement
Summer night overlooking Boston waterfront


23 Smitha Raja
Lead us
From ignorance to truth
From darkness to light
From mortality to immortality


24 Maryam Vejdani Jahromi


25 Bindu Setty
The Glorious Lamp of Heaven, The Sun.
Mt Washington, New Hampshire fall colors panoramic


26 Sarab Singh

The Sun Sets on a Radiology Department in Africa in the

Presence of a Giraffe an a Lion