BMC Radiology Photo Competition

Winners Tie

024 Igor Ricardo
Sun and Flower
004 Isaac Tharpe


All the Entries

All the Entries with the Co-Winning Photographs by Igor Castro and Isaac Tharpe in the Center, Voted by Popularity
001 Donna Veronelli
Bee and My Shadow


002 My Dog Finnigan and Flowers
Sara Meibom


003 Kevin Chang
Matchy Matchy


004 Isaac Tharpe


005 Stacey Mazzone
Remote Learning Nature Art by Anna (10) and Mia (12)


007 Maryam Vejdani Jahromi – Hope


008 Bindu Setty


009 Pamela Kuzia
Spring has Sprung at BMC 4/10/2020


010 Juliana Xie
“But mighty Nature bounds as from her birth;
The sun is in the heavens, and life on earth:
Flowers in the valley, splendor in the beam,
Health on the gale, and freshness in the stream.”
Lara, A Tale – Lord Byron


011 Carrie Arruda


012 Leah Schaffer
My Mother’s Day Bouquet


014 Patricia Schwab
“A Daughters Love”


015 Ilse Castro-Aragon
Hoya flowers
Life cycle of Hoya flower from Umbrel of Wax Flowers to Porcelain Flowers with Nectar.


016 Chrissy Lebedis


017 Patrick Tivnan
Cairns, Australia


018 Avneesh Gupta
“Ladybugs and Aphids”
Chrissy had an aphid infestation in her garden, and so she recruited around 1,500 ladybugs to take care of them. After several days, the ladybugs had completed their job, and the aphids were all gone. I shot this image with a 100 mm macro lens.


019 Elaine Hull


020 Milos Janicek


021 Anu Rebello
“ Life does not have to be perfect to be beautiful “


022 Malissa Danforth
Blossoms & Bunny


023 Gemma Doherty


024 Igor Ricardo
Sun and Flower


Osamu Sakai
Buttercup at Millennium Park


026 Neha Khemani
“What I actually imagine when I hear blooming artifact”


0027 Geraldine Tran
A South End Community Garden.
“ My heart a garden is, a garden walled;
And in the wide white spaces near the gates
Grow tall and showy flowers, sun-loving flowers,
Where they are seen of every passer-by;
Who straightway faring on doth bear the tale
How bright my garden is and filled with sun.” – My Garden With Walls by by William Brooks, 1918


028 Jarry Tkacz
“Red Herring”


029 Bernadette Jakomin
”In Honor of Mary”


031 Victoria Wells
“The earth laughs in flowers.”―
Ralph Waldo Emerson


032 Michael Fishman