Global Health in Residency

Department Process for International Experiences

People who wish to participate in international work through the BU OBGYN Department will be expected to complete the “Project Proposal Form (PDF)” for the international experience.

Residents must receive approval for the project from the residency directors and the faculty for the Section of Global Health before participation in the elective.

Interested individuals shall also supply a letter of approval from the organization who will be hosting the resident. If research is planned, an approval letter for the research is required.  In some cases an IRB will be required from both BMC and the international institution.

Pre-trip Activities

  • Complete a series of required readings
  • Meet with one of the Global Health Section faculty members for a pre-trip discussion
  • Supply evidence of:
  1. Completed vaccinations
  2. Appropriate prophylaxis
  3. International travel and medical insurance

During Travel

The resident will maintain regular contact with one of the Global Health Section faculty or an alternative Boston-based mentor for support throughout the elective experience

Post-trip Activities

  • Complete a return survey
  • Facilitate contact with international site supervisor for feedback
  • Meet with Global Health Section faculty for debriefing
  • Present to the Department on the elective experience