William Edward Boden MD

Professor, Cardiovascular Medicine

Lecturer in Medicine

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William Boden

Cardiovascular Medicine


I am ABIM board-certified in both Internal Medicine and the subspecialty of Cardiovascular Disease. Since 1979, I have held university appointments at Brown University, Wayne State University, Tufts New England Medical Center, Boston University, the University of Connecticut, State University of New York in Buffalo, and Albany Medical College. For the past 27 consecutive years, I have held leadership roles as either a Chief of cardiology or Chief of Medicine at both federal VA facilities and in the academic private sector, all of which have had strong affiliations with their respective academic health centers. In 2016, I re-joined the VA Boston MAVERIC Center as the Scientific Director, Clinical Trials Network, for the VA New England Healthcare System, and as the Research Lead Physician, for VISN 1.

I have extensive prior experience in clinical trials and comparative effectiveness research, and have served in a leadership capacity in several important national and international clinical trials, including as Study Chair for VA CSP-funded VANQWISH and COURAGE Trials, as Study Co-Chair of the NIH-funded AIM-HIGH Trial, and as a national co-PI for the NIH-funded ISCHEMIA Trial. My principal research interests include studies in stable ischemic heart disease, post-MI secondary prevention, acute coronary syndromes, and preventive cardiology.

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Medicine-Internal, MD, State University of New York at Brockport, 1974

Biology, BS, Le Moyne College, 1970


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