Sarah Anne Mazzilli PhD

Assistant Professor, Computational Biomedicine

Member, Genome Science Institute

72 East Concord Street | (617) 358-7269
Sarah Mazzilli

Computational Biomedicine


BU-BMC Cancer Center

Evans Center for Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research


Investigating the molecular events associated with the progression of premalignant squamous lung lesions for targeted chemoprevention.

Lung cancer kills more individuals in the United States annually than breast, colon and prostate cancers combined. Reduction of lung cancer mortality may be achieved by identification of those at the high risk of developing cancer, in addition to finding effective agents in which to intervene in the process. There has been limited success of candidate chemopreventive agents in lung cancer as most have selected based on work in pre-clinical models that do not adequately represent the precancerous and early stage lesions that are the focus in clinical chemoprevention trials for lung cancer. The interests of our laboratory involve developing models to aid in the understanding of the epithelial and immune modulations that are involved in the progression and regression of premalignant squamous lesions to frank lung squamous cell carcinoma with a particular focus on identifying and testing targeted agents on appropriate models that allow for translation to clinical intervention studies. To do this the our lab utilized novel single cell and multiplex imaging technologies to characterize the immune and epithelial alterations enabling lung carcinogenesis and study mechanisms to intercept this process. Our lab also works closely with members of the section of Computational Biomedicine as well as national and international collaborators on the Pre-Cancer Genome Atlas (PCGA) and the NCI- Human Tumor Atlas leading the effort to further understand the molecular underpinnings of lung cancer development to advance early detection and intervention.


PhD, University at Buffalo

Natural Science, MS, University at Buffalo

BS, Bridgewater State University


Published on 4/10/2024

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Published on 4/6/2024

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Published on 4/4/2024

Mazzilli S, Paparatto G, Chieti A, Nannavecchia AM, Bisceglia L, Lopalco PL, Martinelli D, Tavoschi L. Comparison of geographical and individual deprivation index to assess the risk of Sars-CoV-2 infection and disease severity: a retrospective cohort study. Int J Health Geogr. 2024 Apr 04; 23(1):8. PMID: 38575967.

Published on 3/28/2024

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Published on 10/2/2023

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Published on 9/14/2023

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Published on 7/27/2023

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Published on 5/8/2023

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Published on 10/28/2022

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Published on 10/28/2021

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