Robert A. Witzburg MD

Emeritus Professor, General Internal Medicine

Associate Dean, Admissions

72 E. Concord Street
Robert Witzburg

General Internal Medicine


Dr. Witzburg is Emeritus Professor of General Internal Medicine at Chobanian and Avedisian School of Medicine. He has been a part of the BUSM/BMC community for more than 40 years. After graduating from BUSM in 1977, Witzburg completed his residency at Boston City Hospital, now BMC. He served as training program director and associate chief of medicine at Boston City Hospital for 12 years and then as associate chief medical officer at BMC. He was the first medical director of the BMC HealthNet Plan, a community-based managed care organization founded by BMC that offers comprehensive coverage to provide care for families across Massachusetts. Witzburg was also the first chief of the section of community medicine at BMC and BUSM and a founder, president, and medical director of the Neighborhood Health Plan.

Witzburg has published numerous peer-reviewed papers, book chapters and books, including the first clinical manual on the care of HIV patients in primary care practice. He also held national leadership roles in achieving diversity in the physician workforce, using technology to facilitate individualized applicant assessment and in the development and validation of the new Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT).

Dr. Witzburg has expertise in systems development in health care delivery and in medical education, with a focus on holistic evaluation of candidates for medical school. Recently, a scholarship fund at the school of medicine was founded in his name.

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Medicine, MD, Boston University School of Medicine, 1977

BS, Tufts University, 1973


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