Frederick Lief Ruberg MD

Professor, Cardiovascular Medicine

Professor, Radiology

75 E. Newton St | (617) 638-8968
Frederick Ruberg

Cardiovascular Medicine


Whitaker Cardiovascular Institute

Amyloidosis Center


Dr. Ruberg's clinical and research expertise is in the field of cardiac imaging including echocardiography and cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging (CMR). Dr. Ruberg applies imaging in research designed to facilitate improved diagnosis and management of the infiltrative cardiomyopathy cardiac amyloidosis.

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Medicine-Internal, MD, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

Psychology, BA, Haverford College


Published on 7/24/2023

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Published on 6/13/2023

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Published on 5/31/2023

Ruberg FL. Finally Getting to the Heart of the Matter: Imaging Multiorgan Treatment Response in AL Amyloidosis. JACC Cardiovasc Imaging. 2023 Aug; 16(8):1053-1055. PMID: 37269271.

Published on 4/17/2023

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Published on 4/13/2023

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Published on 3/30/2023

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Published on 2/23/2023

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Published on 1/31/2023

Staron A, Mendelson LM, Joshi T, Ruberg FL, Sanchorawala V. Factors affecting the accuracy of amyloidosis identification and referral to a specialty centre. Amyloid. 2023 Sep; 30(3):297-302. PMID: 36718932.

Published on 1/23/2023

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Published on 12/27/2022

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