Frank Meng PhD

Assistant Professor, General Internal Medicine

150 S Huntington Avenue | (857) 364-4201

General Internal Medicine


Frank Meng, PhD is an Assistant Professor of Medicine in General Internal Medicine at the Chobanian and Avedisian School of Medicine and the Associate Director of Clinical Informatics at the VA Boston Healthcare System. Before entering academia, Dr. Meng worked as a software engineer and a project leader at companies like IBM and The Aerospace Corporation. He began working in the medical field in 2013 when he first taught a course called "Introduction to medical informatics seminar" at UCLA. Since then he has published papers and given lectures, but his technological background is apparent in his writing, which includes big data and informatics as they related to the medical field.


Computer Science, PhD, University of California, Los Angeles School of Medicine, 1999


Published on 11/12/2021

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Published on 8/17/2020

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Published on 10/2/2019

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Published on 8/21/2019

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Published on 4/29/2019

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Published on 12/22/2016

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Published on 12/1/2016

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Published on 5/14/2015

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Published on 10/22/2011

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Published on 3/1/2008

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