DoM Nurse Receives Nurses Week Provider Partner of the Year Award

Congratulations to DoM’s Dr. Christopher Huang for winning one of this year’s Nurses Week Provider Partner of the Year Awards, given to providers who are great partners to us in caring for our patients here at BMC!  Quotes from nomination letters are below.

“Dr. Huang is the first to recognize exceptional teamwork and its affect on both patient care and patient experience. He frequently sends out full staff emails thanking them for the unit’s work that day and encouraging all nurses to connect with him if they have ideas, suggestions, or concerns over anything.

Dr. Huang is inspiring in his perpetual friendly, constant, and can-do outlook on even the most pressing projects. He constantly contributes to collaborative problem solving for all elements of his practice. He is quick to volunteer to call a patient, nurse, or anesthesia provider to make the day run as smoothly as possible.

Dr. Huang has worked tirelessly, via a strong collaboration with administration and nursing leadership, to increase patient access to colorectal cancer screenings. He has continuously interfaced with clinic staff, his fellow endoscopists, and the GI charge nurses to make available the maximum amount of GI screenings possible to make progress on the backlog present since COVID closed many similar units. Dr. Huang utilizes his excellent communication skills to add patients, shuffle attending schedules, and give patients an excellent BMC experience.”