DoM Faculty Members Awarded Bridge Funding Through the BMC CSO Office

We are delighted to announce that four DoM faculty researchers have been awarded bridge funding through the BMC CSO Office. We would like to both share their accomplishments with our community and also thank BMC leadership for their commitment to and investment in our research faculty.

Dr. Sarah Bagley, Departments of Medicine and Pediatrics, General Internal Medicine and Pediatric Health Services Research: Dr. Bagley’s research focuses on developing strategies to engage youth who use drugs to minimize overdose risk, reduce complications of drug use, and optimize their health.

Dr. Deepa Gopal, Department of Medicine, Cardiology: Dr. Gopal’s research focuses on identifying and potentially preventing heart failure with preserved ejection fraction.

Dr. Elliott Hagedorn, Department of Medicine, Section of Hematology & Medical Oncology and Associate Member, Center for Regenerative Medicine: Dr. Hagedorn’s research focuses on understanding the molecular mechanisms by which blood and immune cells migrate in and out of specific tissues, with the goal of translating the basic research into clinical therapies for treating human diseases.

Dr. Gene Kwan, Department of Medicine, Cardiology: Dr. Kwan’s research focuses on enhancing equitable care delivery and use of health services for cardiovascular diseases in rural low-income countries.