DoM Faculty Promotion – February 2023


Lynn Moore, DSc, MPH, Medicine/Preventive Medicine & Epidemiology, focuses on the epidemiology of nutritional and metabolic disorders throughout the lifespan. Her findings that excess vitamin A caused birth defects led to changes in manufacturing and clinical practice. She also has studied the evolution of cardiometabolic dysregulation among children and adolescents, the effects of a DASH eating pattern in free-living adults and children on cardio metabolic outcomes, the role of dietary protein on functional outcomes in older adults, and weight change patterns and chronic disease outcomes including cancer, hypertension, and diabetes. Dr. Moore has a long record of teaching at Boston University. In her earlier faculty years, she taught two methodologic courses in epidemiology (an introductory course and an intermediate methods course) and then later served for several years as a facilitator in the school’s Integrated Problems curriculum for MD and MD/PhD students. Since 2016, she has been director of the Graduate Medical Sciences Nutrition & Metabolism programs.