BUMC Faculty Promotions – April 2022

Congratulations to the following faculty on their recent appointment or promotion.

Clinical Professor

Thomas Treadwell, MD, BUSM, Medicine/Infectious Diseases, a trusted and skilled provider for hundreds of HIV-seropositive patients, founded one of the first community HIV programs in Massachusetts in 1985, currently providing care for ~300 HIV-infected patients. Dr. Treadwell provides inpatient consultation on the ID service at our BU affiliate, Metro West Medical Center, where he serves as assistant dean. He is the recipient of many awards, including 1999 Clinician of the Year from the Massachusetts Medical Society and the 1999 Outstanding Clinician Award from Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare, and was the first BU physician to receive the Kenneth Kaplan Clinician of the Year award from his peers in the Massachusetts Infectious Diseases Society in 2010.

Clinical Associate Professor

Dong Wook Kim, MD, BUSM, Medicine, provides clinical care and teaching at Boston Medical Center’s (BMC) Nutrition and Weight Management Center. As a nutrition director, he leads the Nutrition Support Service team and manages consults for patients with severe malnutrition, multiple nutritional deficiencies and feeding difficulties. As a primary investigator, he has been working on phase 2 clinical trials for GLP1 use in short bowel syndrome. Dr. Kim is also the obesity medicine fellowship program director at BMC. He coordinates training activities and is involved in teaching and mentoring fellows.

Jason Worcester, MD, BUSM, Medicine/GIM, has served as medical director of the GIM Adult Primary Care Clinic, where he has transitioned a modest-sized Adult Primary Care Practice in the early 2000s into the large complex primary care system it is today, serving 40,000 patients and acting as a major force in the Medicaid Accountable Care Organization within the Boston Medical Center (BMC) health system. He partnered on implementing the Nurse Practitioner (NP) anchor program, which pairs nurse practitioners with physicians in a team model that enhances the timeliness and efficiency of care delivery. Dr. Worcester joined the Massachusetts Consultative Service for the Treatment of Addiction and Pain in 2019, responding to a need for support by clinicians across the state of Massachusetts seeking to manage patients with chronic pain and substance use disorders. He has been an integral part of the service, providing real-time telephonic consultation to clinicians across Massachusetts to help them manage high risk patients. In addition, he serves as senior advisor for the BUSM Continuing Medical Education Office and has participated in several educational programs over the last 15 years that have reached tens of thousands of learners in the U.S. and around the globe.