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2022 Nomination Form: Marie Antoinette Evans Award

The Marie Antoinette Evans Award is awarded to a Department of Medicine non-faculty member who promotes the departmental values of diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility (DEIA) in the DOM or in the broader community. This person promotes the culture of diversity through their work, research, teaching or as an ally to underrepresented groups and can include administrators and other staff who are non-faculty members.
  • Nomination Criteria

    Nominee should be a non-faculty member of the Department of Medicine for at least a year who exemplifies the following qualities: Models inclusive behavior, Commitment to educating peers in DEIA topics, Mentoring, Creates, initiates or supports DEIA program development, and Goes above and beyond normal job expectations
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  • Nomination Rationale: Please describe how the nominee exemplifies the criteria below.

    Please provide SPECIFIC EXAMPLES for each of these categories.
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  • What are they doing outside of their job description? Please provide specific examples.
  • Please indicate the overall impact of this candidate's DEIA efforts on and off campus; how effective has this person been? Would any initiatives or changes have occurred without this person's leadership/insight?
  • Please provide the names and email addresses of 3 additional people that we can contact to complete a questionnaire in support of this nomination.