Intern Match 2020

Despite the current clinical challenges posed by COVID-19, medical students and faculty alike recently celebrated the results of the 2020 NRMP Match! Boston Medical Center Internal Medicine Residency program is thrilled to welcome a competitive and diverse class of incoming interns, some of whom will be receiving their Medical Degrees early to join hospital staffs during this epidemic. Congratulations to all of our fourth year medical students and to all of the incoming interns who we will be seeing in June!

With an impressive 37% of all internal medicine applicants applying to BMC, 46 categorical and 9 preliminary interns were matched into the 2020 intern class. As a medical center committed to inclusion and equity, we are proud to welcome interns that are diverse in a number of different measures, from where they graduated medical school to life experiences, interests and passions.

This exceptional group of interns matched to our institution is a reflection of the dedicated group of faculty interviewers that devoted their time to meeting with all 403 candidates. Thank you for demonstrating the mission of this department, the School of Medicine and the hospital and your tireless commitment to our trainees.