DoM Coaching Pilot Program

The Department of Medicine is conducting a coaching pilot program. Coaching is designed to assist individuals to self-reflect, gain perspective, and establish accountability facilitating the achievement of personal and professional goals. The topics of coaching will be confidential and will be directed by the coachee. The coaching pilot is sponsored by Dr. Anthony Hollenberg, Chair of the Department of Medicine, and will be offered by Emelia J. Benjamin, MD, ScM, Vice Chair of Faculty Development and Diversity, who is pursuing Coaching Certification through Columbia University.

If the applicant is selected, the first session will establish the potential purpose of coaching and the coach/coachee “fit”. As needed I will assist the individual in finding other resources/persons (e.g., other potential programs, coaches, Faculty & Staff Assistance, Therapists, etc.).

 Applications are now closed.

You cannot save your application once you have started it, so please prepare your answers in advance. A word version of the application is available here.

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For more information about the DoM Coaching Pilot Program, please contact Emelia J. Benjamin, MD, ScM