Clinician Educator Leadership Program

The BUMG Clinician Educator Leadership Program (CELP) is a program to substantively support the retention, advancement, promotion, and vitality of diverse BUMG Clinician Educators to improve the education and training of Chobanian & Avedisian SOM students, trainees, and faculty. By providing protected time, skills, and accountability the program will improve Clinician Educators’ (CEs) ability to conduct rigorous educational program design, evaluation, and scholarly dissemination. 5% FTE clinical effort forgiveness provided for faculty.

AY25 Applications will open in Spring 2024.

Target Audience:

  • 6 BU Medical Group Clinician Educators (CEs)
    • For the pilot, only faculty from BU Medical Group are eligible to apply. 
  • Assistant Professor (>1 year) and Associate Professors
  • At Chobanian & Avedisian SOM for ≥2 years
  • CEs who have:
    • Implemented a program or curriculum
    • Have published at least one medical education paper (including MedEd Portal)
    • Would benefit from rigorous accountability and support to evaluate and publish their program/curriculum
  • Must apply with readiness to implement education intervention
  • Willingness to be randomized to year one vs. year two of program implementation 

Program Structure & AY24 Time Commitment:

  • Meet with Program Facilitator, Lindsay Demers, 4X throughout the year
  • Meet with Project Mentor 1x a month throughout the year
  • 0.05 FTE clinical effort forgiveness provided
  • CELP runs 10 sessions from July to May, Thursdays from 8 am-10 am:
    • July 10th (orientation)
    • September 21st
    • October 19th
    • November 16th
    • December 21st
    • January 18th
    • February 15th
    • March 14th
    • April 18th
    • May 23rd (presentation of projects)

*As of now, the program will plan to meet in person at BUMC for all dates listed above, location TBD. We will update accepted participants closer to the program dates about changes to in-person vs. virtual.

The components of the program include:

  • Experiential seminars. Senior faculty members and leaders from BUMC and beyond engage with participants around key determinants for effective leadership and educational scholarship, with a special focus on topics identified as areas of particular interest to CEs.
  • Peer Review.  Part of the sessions will include peer review and accountability for progress on program evaluation and manuscript drafts
  • Final Project Goal. Participants commit to completing a project that will advance their professional careers during the course of the academic year
  • Project Mentoring: Participants will receive project mentoring from faculty outside of their departments on their project. Each participant will interview 2-3 senior leader to identify fit and commit to meeting with once a month.

    For more information about this program, please contact the Program Director at or our office at