Emerging Leaders Program

Oct. 23-24, 2024

Metcalf Trustees Ballroom, 1 Silber Way, Charles River Campus

This two-day intensive program explores the characteristics of effective leaders and introduces key leadership skills to help late assistant professors and early associate professors on the Medical Campus. Participants attend discussions on what it takes to emerge as a leader, and workshops to practice those skills and develop a network of peers.

Emerging Leaders Program Faculty includes BU Schools of Dental Medicine, Public Health, Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine, Questrom, Law and Communication.

Target Faculty Participants: Late assistant professors and early associate professors who are beginning to lead small teams, from all three Medical Campus schools.

Interested faculty should discuss their nominations with their department chair, division chief or an associate dean or center director.

Department chairs, division chiefs, associate deans or center directors should submit the nominee’s name, CV and no more than a one page description of their promise as a leader, their effectiveness, innovation, reliability, and capacity to energize and motivate others to bumcprovost@bu.edu by TBD.