EM:RAP and AIR (ICP and Acute Agitation) (July 2020)

in Asynchronous Learning
July 6th, 2020

AIR: (2x 1 hour capsule courses)



EM:RAP for Asynchronous Learning! For credit, first, listen to the entire podcast. Your participation in the discussion board here is your attestation that you have listened and engaged with the content in a meaningful way.


When you have finished listening to the podcast, answer the following questions:

1. Please list three things you learned from this podcast that you were not aware of before.
2. Are there any areas of your practice that you would change after listening to this podcast? If so, what would you do differently?
3. What topics mentioned in this podcast is considered too “bleeding edge” (ex. too new, lacks enough evidence, not ready for prime time). Are there any practices mentioned in this podcast that you would consider to not be applicable to our practice setting here at BMC?

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