Project ASSERT Celebrates 20 Years of Service and Research

Congratulations to Project ASSERT, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year!

Project ASSERT (Alcohol & Substance Abuse Services, Education, and Referral to Treatment) is an innovative BMC Emergency Department-based program that is a national leader in substance abuse interventions. Founded in 1994 by Drs. Ed and Judith Bernstein and the Department of Social Work, Project ASSERT connects patients with substance abuse treatment programs, opioid overdose prevention, primary care, and social support services. The program is staffed by health promotion advocates who are experienced substance abuse counselors and represent the surrounding communities served by the hospital. Most recently, Project ASSERT has channeled its advocacy efforts towards improving the accessibility of substance abuse treatment services for LGBTQ patients and advocating for policies that promote the use of intranasal naloxone rescue kits.

Learn more about Project ASSERT and how many people they have helped.

Watch the Office of National Drug Control Policy Director, Michael Botticelli, commend Project ASSERT on its 20 years of service.