Wellness Initiative

Wellness Initiative Steering Leaders

Our mission is to advocate for a healthy balance of mental, emotional, social, and physical well-being which can help compliment and enhance the medical student experience and to provide students with resources for personal and professional development.

The Wellness Initiative Calendar  includes upcoming Wellness related events. You can follow this calendar by subscribing with iCal (Link Here) or Google Calendar (Link Here).You can also like our Facebook Page for more useful information and upcoming events! If you would like to have your wellness related event included on our calendar and in this newsletter, please use this form: Click for Link

Mental Health Resources

Information about behavioral and mental health resources available to medical students may be found here: Behavioral Health Page. Also, a FAQ regarding behavioral health resources may be found here: Behavioral Health FAQ.

Physical Health Resources

Information regarding physical health resources, particularly Primary Care, can be found on the Primary Care Page. Here, you will find resources for both Student Health Services and for identifying Primary Care Physicians at BMC.