Primary Care

Finding a Primary Care Physician: 

Convenient access to Primary Care services is an important part of student wellbeing. While Student Health Services on the Charles River Campus provides medical care, mental health, urgent visits, etc. and remains the site for the coordination of all health compliance issues (documentation of vaccinations, PPDs), the distance and time involved makes getting to SHS a challenge for many BUMC students.

The Primary Care Physicians for Medical Students at BMC — both General Internal Medicine and Family Medicine — have made it easy for students to establish care at BMC. One phone call is all it takes to walk you through selecting a Primary Care Physician, making an appointment and addressing any issue relating to your insurance (like establishing BMC as your site of care).

To establish care at BMC and schedule an appointment, call the Call Center: 617- 414-5951 (General Internal Medicine) or 617-414-2080 (Family Medicine). You can request a specific provider by name, or characteristics — male, female, Spanish speaking, etc., — or simply the next available appointment, depending on your needs. The person answering will do the pre-registration and help you navigate your insurance plan issues.

We encourage ALL students to sign up with a PCP. You may never need to see them, but if something comes up, it will be so much easier if you already have established care at BMC, to be seen here at BMC.

Students are encouraged to review the Policy for Separation of Academic/Physician Roles in the Provision of Health Treatment