Second Year

Congratulations! You are now a second year. Many of the skills you developed in your first year are transferable to the next.

Tips and Resources

The second year curriculum is also fast paced and you may need to make additional changes to how you approach to the material. Ask for help early from your course directors and the Office of Academic Enhancement.

  • Go to class prepared
  • Limit distractions.
  • Utilize your learning team or find a study group.
  • Check your email every day for important school announcements.
  • Stay involved in school activities, but be selective by focusing your interests
  • Manage expectations of your family and friends.
  • Eat well, sleep well, and exercise.
  • Do not isolate yourself.
  • Stick to your budget. Student financial services can help with this.
  • Work with the Office of Academic Enhancement¬†proactively to develop a healthy approach to Step 1 studying.



BUSM II students take the USMLE Step I exam at the end of their second year of medical school. Students are prepared by learning the content of the first two years of the curriculum. Additional resources to aid in preparation are provided by the OAE through the Board Review Program. Students have access to Step I workshops and are enrolled in a Blackboard course to help them navigate the process. Other ccomponents of the program include: Student panels, planning sessions, review of high-yield material, creating intensive study schedules, and the Comprehensive Basic Science Self-Assessment (CBSSA). While Step I is an important exam, it is just one piece of your education. We encourage students to maintain health and wellness throughout the process. Workshops and online materials are provided to help students manage stress and maintain balance during their second year and Step I preparation.

More information on the Board Review Programs, including videos of review sessions, can be found on the Blackboard Board Review Course sites.

Creating a third year schedule