Dear Alumni:

As you know, the last year of medical school is busy with preparations for graduating, deciding on specialty, and exploring residency training programs. This requires interviews at residency sites and the USMLE Step 2 Examination, which depending on the location, may necessitate expensive travel that only serves to increase their already significant debt.

Ken Simons ’80, Alumni Association Past President and Senior Associate Dean for GME and Accreditation at the Medical College of Wisconsin, is very familiar with the challenges medical students face in their education. He spearheaded the effort in developing a list of BUSM alumni who would be willing to provide lodging to BUSM students visiting their local areas.

It would be wonderful if you would consider allowing us to include you on this list that we will make available only to the appropriate students. They would be responsible for contacting you directly and making arrangements at your convenience. You would be providing an invaluable service to our students and giving support to the School as well.

The Alumni Association thanks you very much for your commitment to Boston University Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine.


Heather Miselis, MD, MPH (MED’00’04 SPH’00)
Assistant Dean for Alumni Affairs