Events: Goings On at BUSM.

The Alumni Office team facilitates a variety of events, including reunions, Alumni/Student Meet & Greet, Early Medical School Selection Program Homecoming, and the popular “Wine Down After Rounds.” They’re rewarding and engaging for everyone, so be sure to check back often!

What They’re Saying.

Speaking of “Wine Down After Rounds,” one student says, “I felt like I was treated as a colleague and future physician, not just a student. It felt like an event that celebrates alumni and encourages us to keep our goals in mind,” while one alum appreciates, “connecting with students interested in sharing their concerns and hearing a seasoned perspective!” After a Meet & Greet, another alum remarked, “I enjoyed speaking with the students at the Meet & Greet. Our conversation was enjoyable and hopefully helpful to them.”


Alumni Weekend 2023
Sept. 22-23

EMSSP Homecoming Weekend/40th Anniversary
Sept. 22-24

White Coat Ceremony
Aug. 1

New Hampshire Alumni Neighborhood Event
Aug. 24
Host: Frank MacMillan Jr, MD (CAMED’95)

Medical Equipment Day
Aug. 28