AΩA National Awards

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Every year the national AΩA office offers many different awards for both AΩA members and current students and trainees at medical centers with an affiliated AΩA chapter. Each of these awards is detailed below. 

Carolyn L Kuckein Student Research Award 

Carolyn L. Kuckein Student Research Award is awarded every year to medical students across the country to support the development of the next generation of researchers. Applications for 2021 will open in early November.  For more information see the AOA national website.

2018 – Melissa Chua: Combining oncolytic virotherapy and immunotherapy for the treatment of glioblastoma. Mentor: Khalid Shah, MS, PhD

2017 – Jennifer Tran: The Role of Progranulin in Retinal Homeostasis and Degeneration in the Context of Lysosomal Storage Disease. Mentor: Li Gan, PhD 

2016 – Orly Leiva: The Role of Lysyl Oxidase in Facilitating JAK2V617F Mutation-Induced Myelofibrosis. 
Mentor: Katya Ravid, PhD 

2015 – Angela Nolin: Albumin reabsorption in the renal proximal tubule inhibits mitophagy, leading to mitochondrial damage, increased ROS production and tubular cell damage. Mentor: Andrea Havasi, MD

2014 – Kristin Hart: Defining the Role of Gut Hormones in Feeding Intolerance in Premature Neonates Mentor: Camilia Martin, MD, MS

Volunteer Clinical Faculty Award

This award is given to a volunteer clinical faculty member at BUSM each year at the induction ceremony. The deadline for submission to BUSM councilor for 2019 has passed. For more information see the AOA national website. Previous awardees are listed below:

Sixtine-Pacifique Herold, MD – 2018

Kenneth Thompson, MD – 2017

Bruce Kenney, DO – 2016

David DiChiara, MD – 2015

Stephen Brooks, MD – 2014

Administrative Recognition Award

The administrative recognition award is given to recognize the invaluable work the chapter administrator dose on behalf of the chapter. Our very own Valerie Pepi was recognized in 2016!

Helen H. Glaser Essay Contest

The award is given to encourage medical students to write creative narratives or scholarly essays relevant to medicine. The winning essays will be published in the Autumn edition of The Pharos. 

Melissa Pritchard – BUSM 2017 – Helen H. Glaser Student Essay Competition

Additional National Awards

Edward D. Harris Professionalism Award – Deadline to submit to AΩA  National Office: October 1, 2019

Fellow in Leadership -Deadline to submit to AΩA  National Office: March 1, 2019

Helen H. Glaser Essay Contest -Deadline to submit to AΩA  National Office: January 31, 2019

Pharos Poetry – Deadline has passed. However contest will reopen in Summer 2019.

Medical Student Service Leadership Project Grant – Deadline to submit to BUSM councilor: January 31, 2019 

Robert H. Moser Essay – Deadline has passed. However contest will reopen in Summer 2019.

Postgraduate Fellowship – Deadline to submit to BUSM councilor: April 15, 2019 

Robert J. Glaser Distinguished Teacher Award – Deadline to submit to AΩA  National Office: April 5, 2019