Shadowing Opportunities

We know shadowing opportunities can be very useful for career exploration. Some of the best ways of identifying faculty to shadow are by exploring the Career Interest Groups and talking to student leaders, using Field Specific Advisor Leads as resources to help you find faculty, talking to upperclassmen who have travelled before you, and by visiting the BUSM alumni webpage.

Please follow these guidelines once you’ve contacted the physician you’d like to shadow and agreed on a date.

  1. Students must register at least one week prior to their date of shadowing. 
  2. Students must wear PPE at all times, based on BMC protocol.
  3. Students should not access the medical record.
  4. Students are permitted to scrub in with approval from the physician they will be shadowing. If student is not formally trained in scrubbing, it is up to the faculty to instruct.
  5. Shadowing activities at not at BMC or at a non-BUSM affiliated site are not covered by BUSM liability insurance. Students must be registered using the link above to qualify for liability coverage

If you’re looking to shadow in a specific department but are unsure who to contact, please ask your Core Advisor for recommendations, or one of the Field Specific Advising Leads.