May 2014

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Microbiology Special Seminar
“Evolutionary Mechanisms of RNA Virus Host Switching”
Colleen Jonsson, PhD
Univ of Louisville
20th Annual Henry Russek Student Achievement Day
“The Sensory Neurons of Touch”
David Ginty, PhD
Prof Neurobiology; HMMI Investigator, HMS
9:00-5:00: Location TBA
Systems Biology
“Ecosystems Biology of Microbial Metabolism
Daniel Segre, PhD
Assoc Prof, Bioinformatics, BU
12:45-02:00, LSEB-103
Alumni Weekend GR
“From Data to Guidelines to Public Health Message: Is Simply Necessary”
Howard Bauchner MD BUSM’79
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)
12:00-01:00: Keefer Auditorium
ID Grand Rounds
Article Presentation
Amanda Thornton MD
ID Resident, BMC
11:00–2:00, E-112A
Anatomy & Neurobiology
“Assembly of brain circuits and the cellular basis of complex behavior”
Carlos Lois, MD, PhD
Dept Neurology, UMass
2:00-3:00; L-1008
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Clowes Surgery Grand Rounds
“Traumatic Hemorrhage Treatment: From Goal-Directed Resuscitation to REBOA”
Lena Napolitano, MD
Division Chief, Acute Care Surgery; Univ of Michigan
7:00-8:50; Keefer
CReM Seminar Series
“Forces, Form and Ctem Cell Biology Function”
Christopher Chen, PhD
Prof, Biomedical Eng, BU
9:00-10:00; E-120
GIM Grand Rounds
“Hepatitis C Virus infection for the General Internist: Future Challenges and Opportunities”
Judidth I. Tsui, MD MPH
Asst Prof, Gen Internal Med, BMC
8:00-9:00; Wilkins E-120
Statistical Genetics
Chunyu Liu, PhD NHLBI
09:30-11:00; Crosstown 305
Adipose and Metabolic Tissue Group & BNORC
“Adiporedoxin, master regulator of adipokine secretion?”
Paul Pilch PhD
Prof, Biochemistry, BUSM
10:00-11:00; X714
Systems Biology
“Nuclosomes rediscovered. The strongest ones reside in centromeres
Edward Trifonov, PhD
University of Haifa, Israel
12:45-02:00, LSEB-103
Scleroderma Center Enrichment Program
“Pulmonary Hypertension”
Hunter Champion, MD PhD
Asst Prof Medicine, U Pittsburgh
11:00-12:00; E-542
Whitaker CVI
“Topic: TBA”
Gideon Koren, MD
Prof Medicine, Brown University
12:00-1:00; X-715
Microbial Pathogenesis, Inflammation & Immunology
“Harnessing Nanobiophysics for Next Generation Pathogen Detection”
Anita Goel MD PhD
Founder & CEO, Nanobiosym
1:00–2:00; NEIDL
Molecular & Cell Biology
“Osteocytes, Mechanical forces and intracellular signalling”
Paola Divieti Pajevic, MD PhD
Assoc Prof Medicine, HMS
12:00-1:00; E-434
DOM Grand Rounds
“Milestones & Dept of Medicine”
Gregory Kane, MD FACP
Interim Chair, Dept Medicine
Jefferson Medical College
12:00-1:00; Keefer Aud
Physiology & Biophysics
“Routes to the Molecular Design of Therapeutic Enzymes: Nucleoside Kinases and L.asparaginases”
Manfred Konrad, PhD
Research Group Leader, Max Planck Inst for Biophysical Chemistry
1:30-03:00; R-103
Sterling Drug Visiting Professor
“Mechanisms and Implications of Mammalian Circadian Rhythms”
David R Weaver, PhD
Prof Neurobiology; UMass Medical
2:00-3:20; L-110
Psychiatry GR
“Neurobiology of Relationships
Amy Banks, MD
Instructor in Psychiatry, HMS
2:00-3:00; Menino-2
Genome Science Institute
“Evolution and Function of Mammalian Exons”
Christopher Burge, PhD
Prof Biology & Biological Engineering, MIT
03:00-04:00; L-112
Anatomy & Neurobiology
“Relationship between Age of First Exposure to Tackle Football and Later-Life Mood, Behavior, and Executive Function”
Julie Stamm, PhD Candidate
2:00-3:00; L-1008
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Surgery/ GI Grand Rounds
“Rectal Cancer in the Age of Robost”
Dr Holly Sheldon MD
Boston Medical Center
7:00-8:50; Keefer Aud
Adipose and Metabolic Tissue Group & BNORC
“The Circadian Landscape of Metabolism”
Joseph Bass PhD
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
10:00-11:00; X714
Dermatology Grand Rounds
“CTCL: A Therapeutic and Pathogenetic Challenge”
Sean Whittaker, MD
King’s College, London
10:15-11:15, 670 Albany – 107/108
Slone Epidemiology Center
“Synthesizing Genetic Knowledge and Translating it to Public Health
Laura Senier, PhD
Asst Prof, Sociology & Anthropology, Health Sc,
Northeastern University
12:00 – 1:00; Slone (CRC)
Genetics & Genomics
Multi-omic Identification of familial breast cancer susceptibility pathways”
Evan Johnson, PhD
Assistant Professor, BUSM
11:00-12:00; E-613
Annual Lynne Stevens Memorial Lecture
Trauma Informed Services: Implication for Healthcare Providers and Systems”
Carole Warshaw MD
Director, National Center on Domestic Violence, Trauma and Mental Health
12:00–1:00, L-110
Microbial Pathogenesis, Inflammation & Immunology
Tissue Compartmentalization of T Cell Responses: From Mouse Models to Humans”
Donna Farber, PhD
Columbia University
1:00–2:00, L-504
Molecular & Cell Biology
“Establishing stem cell-based strategies to regenerate irradiated salivary glands”
Isabelle Lombaert, PhD
Research Fellow at NIDCR-NIH, Bethesda
12:00-1:00; E-434
DOM Grand Rounds-Joseph Korn Memorial Lecture
Stem cell therapy for autoimmune diseases: update with a focus on scleroderma
Alan De Vere-Tyndall, MD
Prof Medicine, Dept Rheumatology, Univ Basel
12:00-1:00; Keefer Aud
Sterling Drug Visiting Professor
“Neurosteroid mediated phosphorylation of extrasynaptic GABAA receptors: Potential therapeutic targets for Fragile X Syndrome”
Paul A Davies PhD
HResearch Assist Proff, Neuroscience, Tufts Univ
2:00-3:20; L-110
Psychiatry GR
“Guns and Violence, Public Policy and Mental Health”
Ronald Shouten, MD, JD
Dir, Law & Psychiatry Service, MGH; Assoc Prof Psychiatry, HMS
Center for Cancer Computational Biology
“Engineering Analytical Technologies for Single-Cell Analysis in Human Disease”
Chris Love PhD
Assoc Prof Chemical Eng, Koch Institute at MIT
3:00-4:00; Donna Farber, Smith 308/309
Anatomy & Neurobiology
“Circuitry of Emotion: Integration in the Orbitofrontal Cortex”
Claire Timbie, PhD Cand
4:00-5:00; L-1008
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Surgery/ GI Grand Rounds
“Laparoscopic Surgery: Past, Present, and Future”
Demetrius Litwin MD MBA
UMass Medical School
7:00-8:50; Keefer Aud
BMC Injury Prevention Ctr
“Community based programs designed to reduce fall risk; a review of high profile evidence based options”
Elizabeth Peterson, PhD
University of Illinois at Chicago
11:00-12:00; Menino-2
Microbial Pathogenesis, Inflammation & Immunology
no seminar
Statistical Genetics
“Multi-ethnic analyses
Jae Hong, PhD Candidate, Biostatistics, BUSPH
09:30-11:00; Crosstown 305
Adipose and Metabolic Tissue Group & BNORC
“Liver, lipid droplets and lipolysis; linking liver metabolism to metabolic disease etiology”
Douglas G. Mashek, PhD
Assoc Prof, Food Science & Nutrition, University of Minnesota
10:00-11:00; X714
GSI/Jackson Laboratory
“Using Mice in Research: Tips for New Users”
The Jackson Laboratory
11:30-12:15; L-303GSI/Jackson Laboratory
“Protect your research: Understanding your B6 Mouse”
The Jackson Laboratory
12:30-1:15; L-303
Molecular & Cell Biology
“Topic TBA”
Speaker TBA

12:00-1:00; E-434
Pulmonary Center
“Topic: TBA”
Billy Law/Maria Serra PhD
08:30-09:30; R-309
Whitaker CVI
“Topic: TBA”
Anthony Ferrante, Jr, MD PhD
Dorothy and Daniel Silberberg Assoc Prof Medicine, Columbia University
12:00-1:00; X-715
Systems Biology
“Topic: TBA
Speaker: TBA

12:45-02:00, LSEB-103
Genome Science Institute
“Noncanonical diversification of the DNA binding specificities of transcription factor paralogs”
Martha Bulyk, PhD
Prof Medicine, BWH & HMS
03:00-04:00; L-311
Psychiatry GR
“Child Trafficking”
Lisa Goldblatt Grace, LICSW, MPH
Co-Founder & Director, My Life My Choice, A Program of JRI
2:00-3:00; Menino-2
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Microbiology Student Invited Speaker
Long Non-Coding RNA and Regulation of Inflammatory Gene Expression”
Katharine Fitzgerald, PhD
UMass Medical School
12:00–1:00, L-504
ID Grand Rounds
“Topic: TBA”
Rochele Walensky, MD MPG
Brigham & Womens Hosp
12:00-1:00, E-112A
BMC Ethics Committee GR
“When a Health Care Agent does not honor the patient’s wishes: withholding, withdrawing, or limiting life-sustaining treatment”
Michael Grodin, MD (moderator) Bioethics, Human Rights & Psychiatry, BUSPH
08:00-10:00; Collamore Building 512
Systems Biology
“Topic: TBA
Speaker: TBA

12:45-02:00, LSEB-103
Pulmonary Center
“Topic: TBA”
Matthew Jones hD
Pulmonary Center, BUSM
08:30-09:30; R-309
Psychiatry GR
“Topic: Addictions”
Paul Nye, MD
PGY3, BMC Psychiatry, BU BUSM
Thrombosis Mini-Symposium
see details
1:00-5:00; 670 Albany – 107/108