Office of Clinical Research

The mission of the Office of Clinical Research is to support our investigators as they design and conduct human research studies. All of our services are available to investigators on the Boston University Medical Campus and at Boston Medical Center. Our formal education programs (courses and seminars) are also available to investigators on the Charles River Campus.

Specific services include:

We offer educational, training, subject recruitment, and consultative services through our Clinical Research Resources Office. For details on this these specific programs, see the CRRO web site.

We also aid investigators with subject recruitment. This assistance is provided by the CRRO. Our recruitment specialists can provide assistance on appropriate and effective recruitment techniques. In addition, we are developing a human subjects registry which will provide access to a pool of subjects who have already stated their interest in participating in research.

Regulations require that everyone involved in human research must have received appropriate Human Subjects Protection training. The OCR manages this process for BUMC. We require both initial training as well as re-certification every two years. The re-certification process is managed through quizzes delivered in the Clinical Research Times.

To support investigators who have obtained IRB approval to use existing clinical records at Boston Medical Center for their research, we provide a data management specialist who can access and compile all of the necessary clinical data. For more information, see the link to the Clinical Data Warehouse above.

The OCR also sends out announcements about research funding opportunities when those opportunities allow only a limited number of applicants from Boston University. In these situations, we issue a call for pre-proposals and have an internal selection committee review the candidates and select the strongest applications for submission.

Finally, the OCR publishes a monthly human research newsletter, the Clinical Research Times. Each issue includes a main article on a topic of importance to our human research community as well as updates on important facts that our investigators should know and congratulations to selected investigators who have had recent important publications.

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