January 2015

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Dermatology Grand Rounds
“Top Ten Ways to Finesse a Fusiform Excision”
Suzanne Olbricht, MD
Lahey Clinic
10:15-11:15, 670Albany 107/8
Evans Center & BNORC
“Beta Cell Failure in Type2 Diabetes, Disfunction at the Junction?”
Peter Butler, MD
David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA
10:00-11:00; tbd
. Mol & Cell Biology Distinguished Lecturer
“Significance of Protein Substrate Structure and Dynamics in Proteolysis: Insights from Serine Proteases and inhibitiors
Evete S Radisky PhD
Assoc Prof, Mayo Clinic Cancer Center
12:00-1:00; E-434
. . Microbial Pathogenesis, Inflammation & Immunology
“Unexpected Targets and Triggers of Autoimmunity”
Vijay Kuchroo, DVM PhD
Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Harvard Medical School
12:00-1:00; L-504
ID Grand Rounds
“TB Outcomes”
Carole Mitnick, ScD
Assoc Prof, Global Health, Harvard School of Public Health
12:00-1:00, E-112A
. GSI Seminar Series
“Topic: TBA”
Speaker: TBA
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3:00-4:00; X-714/5
. Biostatistics Seminars
Topic: TBA”
Speaker: TBA

12:00-1:00; Crosstown 305
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“Pluripotent Stem Cell Derived-Hepatocytes: From Developmental Discoveries to Clinical Applications”
Valerie Gouon-Evans PhD
Asst Prof Developmental and Regenerative Biology, Mound Sinai Hospital, NY
9:00-10:00; X-715
. . Statistical Genetics
“Characterizing SNPs Using Genomic Information”
Chris Amos, PhD
Dartmouth College
9:30-11:0; Crosstown-305
Immunology Faculty Candidate
“Studying Innate Immunity Using Mouse and Humanized Mouse Models”
Anthony Rongvaux, PhD
YaleU School of Medicine
12:00-1:00; L504
Whitaker Cardiovascular Inst
“Topic: TBA”
Speaker: TBA
…12:00-1:00; L-109
Microbial Pathogenesis, Inflammation & Immunology
“Topic: TBA”
Amanda Jamieson PhD
Brrown University
12:00-1:00; NEIDL
Slone Brown Bag Seminar
“Patterns of Breast Cancer Screening in Women who utilized Clinical Services at Trinidad & Tobago Cancer Center Society during 2009-2011″
Maron D. Joseph, MPT
PhD Candidate, Dept Epidemiology, BU School of Public Health
12:00-1:00; Slone Center (CRC)
Scleroderma Center of Research Translation
“Gene expression based biomarkers in systemic sclerosis”
Shervin Assassi MD MS
Rheumatology, Univ of Texas
11:00-12:00; E-542
. . Alzheimer’s Disease Center
“Topic: TBA”
Carmela Abraham, PhD
12:00-1:00; L-110
Spivack Neuroscience Visiting Professor
“Exercise Effects on Mind and Brain”
Arthur F. Kramer, PhD
Director, Beckman Inst for Adv Science & Tech, U Illinois
2:00-3:00, Keefer Auditorium
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MLK Day Whittaker Cardiovascular Inst
“Topic: TBA”(WIP)
Nicole Spartano / Darae Ko
12:00-1:00; XL-109
. . .
. BUSM Visiting Professor Lecture
“Complex Genetics and Systems Medicine”

Edison Liu, MD
President and CEO, The Jackson Laboratory
2:00-3:00; Bakst Auditorium
Microbial Pathogenesis, Inflammation & Immunology
“Enhanced microRNA Activity is a Novel Oncogenic Function of eIF4F”
Carl NovinA, MD PhD
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Harvard Medical School
12:00-1:00; L504
ID Grand Rounds
“The Potential Role of Antisense Oligomers as Anti-Infective Agents”
Michael Wong, MD
Assoc Prof Medicine, HMS; Sr Med Dir, ID, Sarepta Therapeutics
12:00-1:00, E-112A
. GSI Seminar Series
“Topic: TBA”
Speaker: TBA
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3:00-4:00; X-714/5
. Immunology Faculty Candidate
“Cell Death Pathways in Host Defense (The Good), Inflammation (The Bad), and the Developmental Failure (The Ugly)”
William Kaiser, PhD
Emory U School of Medicine
12:00-1:00; L-504
Transformative Training Program in Addiction Science
“Integrative Genetics and Genomic Strategies for the Classification of Psychiatric Disorders”
Elissa Chesler, PhD
Assoc Prof, The Jackson Lab
3:00-4:00; E-201
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. Adipose & Metabolic Tissue Study Group Seminar BNORC
Deciphering Mechanisms of Mitochondrial Adaptability to Oxidative Stress
Marc Liesa-Roig, PhD
Instructor, Dept Medicine, Section Endocrinology, Diabetes & Nutrition, BUSM
. . Statistical Genetics
“Kernel-Based Methods for Interaction Tests in Genetics”
Flora Xue, PhD
Boston University
9:30-11:0; Crosstown-305
. Whitaker Cardiovascular Inst
“Topic: TBA”
Speaker: TBA
…12:00-1:00; L-109
Immunology Faculty Candidate (CANCELLED)
“The Impact of Type I Interferon on Flavivirus Disease”
Amelia Pinto, PhD

WashingtonU School of Medicine
12:00-1:00; L-504
ID Grand Rounds
“Topic: TBA”
Speaker: TBA

12:00-1:00, E-112A
Chemistry Colloquium Series
“Topic: TBA”
Speaker: TBA
3:30-5:00; SCI-113
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Computational Biomedicine Seminar Series
Topic: TBA
Speakers: TBA
. Bioinformatics/Systems Biology
“Topic: TBA
Norbert Perrimon, PhD
Prof Genetics, HMS
12:45-02:00, LSEB-103
16th Dudley Allen Sargent Distinguished Lecture
Head Games: Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy and teh Long-term Consequences of Repetitive Brain Trauma”
Dr. Robert A. Stern, PhD
Director of Clinical Research, CTE Center Boston University
4:00-5:00; BU Sargent College-101