July 2014






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CReM Seminar Series
“Pluripotent and Neural Programming”
Marius Wernig, PhD
Assist Prof, Stanford Univ
9:00-10:00; E-120
Emergency Medicine GR
“Laryngoscope as a Murder Weapon; the Physiology of the Peri-Intubation”
Scott Weingart, MD
11:00-12:30; L-112
Computational Biomedicine
“The hunt for additional cancer associate genes: Analysis of 1000+ lung cancer exomes”
Joshua Campbell, PhD
Post Doc Assoc., Computational Biomedicine, Spira/Lenburg Lab
3:00-4:00; E112A
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Computational Biomedicine
“Topic: TBA”
Robert L. Keith, MD
Professor, Pulmonary Sciences & Critical Care Medicine, Univ Colorado, Denver
2:00-3:00; E112A
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Department of Pathology Dissertation Defense
“Out of Africa: Teh Role of APOL1 and MYH9 in Chronic Kidney Disease”
Philip Bondzie, PhD Cand
BUSM Pathology & Lab Medicine
1:00-2:00; R-110
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Evans Center ARCsBNORC Seminar
“Mitochondrial Energetics: The Importance of INefficiency for Redox, ROS and Energy Balance”
Mary-Ellen Harper, PhD
Professor, Director, Mitochondrial Bioenergetics Lab, Univ of Ottawa
10:00-11:00; X714
Genomic Science Institute
“Introduction to the GSI-sponsored Globus Genomics BU Site License: NGS Data Analysis using Cloud Computing and a User-friendly Interface”
Globus Genomics
11:00-12:30; E-311
BNORC Annual Program
Full Program; registration required
8:30-1:30; Hiebert Lounge
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