November 2013







Pathology and Lab Medicine
“Altered Phagocyte Function Precedes Death in Polymicrobial Sepsis”
Evan Chiswick, PhD Cand
Dept Pathology, BUSM
01:45–2:45, 670 Albany - 107/108
Environmental Health Series
“Improving Environmental Management in Peru: An Introduction
Rossana Riva
Prof Engineering, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru; 12:00-1:00; L-210
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Microbial Pathogenesis & Host Defense
“Commensal or Pathogen? Immune responses to the Yeast Candida albicans”
Karin Strijbis, PhD
Whitehead Institute, MIT
12:00–1:00, L504
BU Pfizer Symposium
“Therapeutic Innovation: Oxidative Stress and the Next Generation of Discovery”
Multiple speakers
08:30-6:00, Trustees Ballroom
Dermatology Grand Rounds
“Challenges in Translation”
Irene Leigh, OBE CBE
University of Dundee
10:15-11:15, 670 Albany – 107/108
Systems Biology
“Leveraging cell-to-cell variability to understand TNF-induced transcription circuits
Suzanne Gaudet, PhD
Dept of Cancer Biology, DFCI; Dept Genetics, HMS
12:45-02:00, LSEB-103
Pathology and Lab Medicine
“A New Family of Trimeric G Protein Activators That Controls Signaling in Cancer and Development”
Mikel Garcia-Marcos, PhD
Assist Prof Biochemistry, BUSM
01:45–2:45, 670 Albany - 107/108
GSI Annual Research Symposium
12:00-5:00, Hiebert Lounge
ADC Lecture Series
“Neuropsychiatric Symptoms of Dementia: Where Are We Headed?”
Kostas Lyketsos, MD MHS
The Elizabeth Plank Althouse Professor Chairman, Department of Psychiatry, Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center
12:00–1:00, L-110
Psychiatry Grand Rounds
“Overview of Physician Health Service Inc.”
Steven Adelman, MD
Clinical Assoc Prof of Psychiatry, UMASS Medical
02:00-3:00; DLG1
Scleroderma Center Enrichment Program
“Right ventricular-pulmonary arterial uncoupling in scleroderma-associated PAH”
Paul Hassoun, MD
Prof Medicine, Johns Hopkins University
11:00-12:00; E-542
Adipose and Metabolic Tissue Group & BNORC
“Liver Muscle crosstalk in fatty acid utilization through a circadian serum lipid”
Chih-Hao Lee, PhD
Assoc Prof, Genetics and Complex Diseases, Harvard School of Public Health
10:00-11:00; X-714
GP in Genetics & Genomics
“Extragenomic genes: Dynamics of human antibody repertoire”
Thomas B. Kepler, Phd
Professor, Microbiology, BUSM
2:30-3:30: E-614
ID Grand Rounds
“Article Presentation”
Sara Osman, MD
Boston Medical Center
12:00-01:00; E-112A
Statistical Genetics
“SKAT for longitudinal and repeated measures
Wei Gao, PhD Candidate, Biostatistics, BUSPH
09:30-11:00; Crosstown 305
Physiology & Biophysics
“ToMolecular Pathogenesis of Muscular Dystrophies
Jeff MillerPhD
Dept Neurology, BUSM
01:30–2:45 pm, R-103
2013 University Lecture
The D-Lightful Vitamin D for Health
Michael Holick, PhD
Prof, Medicine, Physiology, Biophysics, BUSM
7:00-8:00; Tsai Perf Center
Molecular and Cell Biology
“VEGF Targets the Tumor Cell: Stemness and EMT”
Arthur M. Mercurio PhD
Professor, Interim Chair, Dept Cancer Biology, UMASS Medical
12:00-1:00; E-434
Environmental Health Series
“Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in the Western Cape, South Africa
Leslie London, MD
Prof, Public Health & Family Med, Univ of Capetown
12:00-1:00; L-210
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Veteran’s Day Physiology & Biophysics
“Rho signaling in epithelial cell growth and cell death
Steen Hansen, MD PhD
Assist Prof Pediatrics, HMS; Boston Children’s Hospital
01:30–2:45 pm, R-103
CARE Unit Journal Club
“Reducing heavy drinking in HIV primary care: a randomized trial of brief intervention, with and without technological enhancement”
Katherine Calver, Managing Editor of Alcohol, Other Drugs, and Health
12:00-1:00; Crosstown-2128
Systems Biology
“The hidden impulses of the incredible shrinking cell
Stephen Michnick, PhD
Prof, Integrated Genomics, UMontreal
12:45-02:00, LSEB-103
Pathology and Lab Medicine
“I Just Inhaled What? The Immune Response to Aerosolized Viruses”
John Connor, PhD
Assoc Prof, Microbiology, BUSM
01:45–2:45, 670 Albany – 107/108
CReM Seminar Series
“The Generation of Multipotent Human Endodermal Stem Cells from ES and iPS Cells”
Paul Gadue, PhD
Assist Prof, Pathology and Institute of Regenerative Medicine, UPenn
9:00-10:00, X-715
2nd Annual BUSPH Research Day
Keynote: Chronic traumatic Encephalopathy
Robert A Stern, PhD
Prof Neurology & Neurosurgery, BUSM; Director, CSTE
12:00-04:00; L-1400
ID Grand Rounds
“Microbiome of Upper Respiratory Tract”
Katherine Lemon, MD PhD
Children’s Hospital
12:00–1:00, E-120
Medical Grand Rounds
Recent Major Clinical Trials in Diabetes: Partial Implications
Marie McDonnell, MD
Director, Inpatient Diabetes Program
Section of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Nutrition, BMC
Assistant Professor of Medicine, BUSM
12:00-1:00; Keefer Auditorium
Molecular and Cell Biology
“p300 HAT Activity in melanoma Development an Progression”
Rhoda Alani, MD
Chair, Dermatology, BUSM
12:00-1:00; E-434
Psychiatry Grand Rounds
“Gender Dysphoria/Gender Management”
Norman Spack, MD
Assoc Prof Pediatrics, HMS
02:00-3:00; DLG1
Environmental Health Series
“Attenuation of X-ray induced germ cell apoptosis in a rat model of co-exposure testicular toxicity
Kim Boekelheide, MD
Prof, Med Science, Pathology & Lab Med, Brown University
12:00-1:00; L-210
Family Medicine GR
“Making the Impossible Possible: Highlights from the Scale-up of the Emergency Obstetric Care Program in India”
Ajey Bhardway, Founder & Director, Avni Health Foundation
12:00-1:00; Dowling Amphitheater
Whitaker CVI Seminar
Roger J. Hajjar, M.D
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York
12:00-1:00; X-715
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Microbial Pathogenesis & Host Defense
Student Seminars
Krishna Moody; Emily Nelson
Microbiology, BUSM
12:00–1:00, L504
BMC Injury Prevention Ctr
“Firearms and Suicide”
Mathew Miller, MD MPH ScD
Assoc Prof Health Policy, Harvard
10:00-11:00; DLG1
Biochemistry/ADC Lecture
Alzheimer’s Disease: From Genes to Therapies in the Whole Genome Era
Dr Rudolf Tanzi
Joseph P. and Rose F. Kennedy Professor of Child Neurology and Mental Retardation, Harvard School of Medicine
12:00-01:00; Hiebert Lounge
Adipose and Metabolic Tissue Group & BNORC
“Teasing out the role of estrogens on insulin action and adipose tissue storage”
Rachael Van Pelt, PhD
Assoc Prof, Medicine, Univ Colorado
11:00-12:00; X-714-715
Pathology and Lab Medicine
“Human Tissue Research”
Alexander Vortmeyer, MD PhD
Director, Neuropathology, Yale School of Medicine
01:45–2:45, 670 Albany – 107/108
BUMC Provost’s Workshop
“Toward a Center of Excellence on Successful Aging”
Multiple BUMC speakers
3:00 – 4:30; Hiebert Lounge L-1400
Genome Science Institute
“Mechanisms of genetic risk in chronic pancreatitis”
Miklos Sahin-Toth, PhD
Prof, Mol & Cell Biology, BUGSDM
03:00-04:00; X714/715
Sterling Drug Visiting Professor Seminar Series
“Optical Monitoring of Chemotherapy Treatment Response”
Darren Roblyer, PhD
Assist Prof, Biomedical Engineering, BU
2:00 – 3:20, R-115
Slone Epidemiology Center
The Importance of Biodiversity to Human Health”
Aaron Bernstein, MD, MPH
Assoc Dir, Center for Health and the Global Environment, Harvard SPH
12:00 – 1:00; Slone (CRC)
BU Transformative Training Program in Addiction Science
“Addiction genetics: post GWAS studies in humans and mouse models
George Uhl, MD PhD
Dept Neuroscience, The John Hopkins University
3:00-4:00; L206/209
Whitaker CVI Seminar
“Nuclear Hormone Receptor Regulation of Cholesterol Homeostatis”
Joyce J. Repa, PhD
Associate Professor, Touchstone Center for Diabetes Research
UnivTexas SW Medical Center
12:00-1:00; X-715
Genome Science Institute
“Maximizing the Biological interpretation of Gene, Transcript, & Protein Expression Data with IPA”
Dr Sohela Shah, Field Application Scientist at Ingenuity Systems
1:30-2:30; X714/715
Hematology & Oncology
“Hematopoietic Transplantation Strategies for the Treatment of Sickle Cell Disease”
John Tisdale, MD
National Inst of Diabetes and Digestive Kidney Diseases, NIH
12:00-1:00; E-120
Evans Center-BNORC Fall Symposium
Brain Control and Cardiovascular Disease in Obesity
Multiple invited speakers
01:30-4:30; X-714-715
GSI Mini-Symposium
“Big Data & Cloud Computing Tools for Genomic Analysis”
Speakers from BU &UChicago
12:30-4:30; L-109A/B/C
Pulmonary Center
Novel IL-36 Family Members in Lung Innate Imunity”
Ted J. Standiford, MD
Prof Internal Med ; Chief of Pulmonary & Critical Care, Univ Michigan
8:30 – 9:30 am; R-309
Psychiatry Grand Rounds
“Behavioral health Integration: What does it mean for Mental Health”
Kathy Sanders, MD
Dep Commissioner, Mass DMH; Assoc Prof Psychiatry, HMS
02:00-3:00; DLG1
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Microbial Pathogenesis & Host Defense
“Exploring Novel Targets for Influenza Antivirals”
Megan Shaw, PhD
Microbiology, Mount Sinai Hosp
12:00–1:00, NEIDL
Physiology & Biophysics
“The low hanging fruit of cyst and oocyst walls: strategies to discover the structural components of the walls of parasitic protists”
John Samuelson, MD PhD
Prof Molecular & Cell Biology, BUGSDM
01:30–2:45 pm, R-103
Pathology & Lab Medicine The Cancer Care Center Seminar
“Pharyngeal Cancers: A New Strategy”
Scharukh Jalisi, MD, FACS
Dept Otoralyngology, BUSM
8:30 am; 670 Albany - 107/108
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